Security Solutions

In a world full of ever-worsening information security threats, it’s easy to feel defenseless. Viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and malicious code are ready to attack your network, either singly or as super-potent blended threats like Blaster, Welchia and Sobig.F. At the same time, new government regulations are requiring you to institute stricter-than-ever security measures to protect sensitive data.

If you already have a security solution in place, you've taken the first step toward defending your business. Unfortunately, many solutions aren't designed to meet all the challenges of the current environment; even those that are can be undermined by ineffective internal procedures.

We have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate your vulnerability by performing an on-site security audit. Let us help you protect your system from these all too common trouble spots.


Network security is crucial to your business. A solid security solution design includes state-of-the-art technology coupled with effective internal protocols and procedures. Consider these common trouble spots:

Setup Errors

Certain network components, such as FTP servers, telnet, and web servers, may leave your network vulnerable if they are improperly secured at setup. Later, blended threats can slip in via e-mail security holes, file attachments, and other vehicles, then create havoc by erasing hard drives, flooding the network with malicious code, sending infected e-mail messages, and more. Professional reconfiguration is required to seal the holes and shield the network from harm.

Insufficient Protection

The days when a simple firewall-and-antivirus combination could keep your network safe are long gone. Blended threats, in particular, attack from so many directions and replicate so quickly that antivirus programs are largely ineffective against them. A sophisticated, comprehensive security solution with multiple layers of defense is the only way to head off the danger.

Internal Affairs

Often, a company's own staff inadvertently becomes the greatest threat to information security. To combat the problem, you must develop a strong security policy for network access and educate your employees — both permanent and temporary — on the importance of adhering to it. In addition, you should offer only safe portals that allow remote workers to access your network without creating security vulnerabilities.

At NOAH - Computer Services, Inc., we are qualified to recognize and repair these and many other security problems. We can deliver the right security solution for your needs, using products from the most respected manufacturers in the industry. Just contact us for a consultation, and we’ll work with you to analyze your security status and create the best solution for your business.